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local seaside scenery
local seaside scenery

Yantai city is located in the eastern part of Shandong Peninsula, east of Weihai, west of Weifang, southwest and adjacent to Qingdao, near Bohai and the Yellow Sea, and Japan and the Korean Peninsula across the sea, is one of China's first batch of open coastal city, is the Bohai economic circle and East Asia in the international market, mall, tourism city. Yantai mountain, near the sea, pleasant climate, winter without cold, summer without heat, is a famous tourist summer resort and leisure resort in northern china. Yantai has a long history, known as Zhifu. "Historical records" records, the emperor unified China after the three East tour, three times on the island of Zhifu; the emperor also has arrived in Zhifu for enthronement. Yantai city has 600 years of history, in 1398 (Ming Hongwu 31 years), to prevent pirate infested, in Zhifu to build China. Pier, also known as the "wolf" in Yantai, Yantai which is named after the. Yantai picturesque scenery, pleasant climate, rich natural landscape and cultural landscape. Especially in summer, the sea breeze caresses my face, fresh and pleasant; flowers are blooming, sea shanse pavilions, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. The resort is a cool summer, but also tourists sightseeing around the ideal situation. Landscape: Yantai mountain, Penglai, Long Island, Jinshan Beach and so on. Yantai is a warm temperate continental monsoon climate. Compared with the inland areas of the same latitude, it has the characteristics of moderate rainfall, humid air and mild climate. It can be described as neither cold nor hot in summer. The city's average annual rainfall of 651.9 mm, the average annual temperature of 11.8 degrees, annual average relative humidity of 68%, the annual average sunshine hours of 2698.4 hours, the total solar radiation average 5224 trillion and 400 billion MJ / square meters, the annual average wind speed of 3-4 M / s inland areas in coastal areas, 4-6 M / s, the average frost free period 210 day.

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